Real Cooking, Perfect
Taste & Delicious Food!

The perfect blend of taste, traditions and hospitality awaits you at Highland Gardens Restaurant, a division of the Highland Group of Hotels & Restaurants.

Counted among the finest restaurants providing delicious Indian food in Dubai, Highland Gardens Restaurant is renowned for its soothing ambience, warm and cosy interiors and the friendly service. Our commitment to offer healthy, imaginative, wholesome food has had a strong influence on the development of the restaurant's repertoire & many of our customers return again and again for our mouth watering food.

As a destination for the food lovers who look for authentic Indian cuisine, the Highland Gardens Restaurant serves the finest traditional Indian cuisine which reflects the celebration of this exotic and colourful culture. Our exciting menu offers vegetarian, meat and seafood dishes galore, followed by wonderful Indian desserts. On offer are a range of flavours from exotic Kashmir to the hot specialties of the south.

Without compromising quality, we also include seasonal fare in our menu. The soothing ambience perfectly complements our commitment to exemplary service and exceptional cuisine. We welcome you to experience and celebrate the flavours and tastes of the Indian Sub Continent. When you’re here, you’re family!

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